ADCOM HP4/CP4 3204/3202
»  American SPECTRA Polaris 512/35PL Printhead.
»  512 individually addressable nozzles.
»  Excellent mechanical structure design, strong metal beam.
»  Aluminum bed, ensure printing quality and high-speed.
»  calibrated drop size, firing frequency 30-50K
»  The speed is 2-4 times of similar products.
»  The Skip White can highly improve the production efficiency.

ADCOM MK8 HEAVY 3208/3204
»  1024 nozzles can print at a high speed with less printhead.
»  High quality demand for printing
»  the printing quality for high-demand materials such as Flex
»  With less printhead

ADCOM CR18 1802/1801
»  With electric ride and fall plat.
»  Rip while printing.
»  Imported cartridge capping station.
»  New technology of waves printing.
»  Original imported professional printing software.
»  Photoprint 10.5

ADCOM Laser Engraving & Cutting Series
»  With electric ride and fall plat-form.
»  It is conveneint to operate.
»  Strong and stable mechanical design.
»  With rotatory clamp.
»  It can support USB and U flash disc.
»  It is helpful to insure laser focus precesion
»  It can engrave on cylinders and other shapes material

»  The machine adopts steel structure,seemless welding.
»  X Y and Z adopt taiwan HIWI N linear square guide rail.
»  X and Y axis adopt rack transmission, faster working and higher efficiency.
»  High performance subdivision stepper motor operates smoothly at maximum speed.
»  Adopting high quality water cooled spindle.
»  It has a function of re-carving after break point and power failure.

»  Mechanic superiority.
»  Table loading capacity of 150KG/sqm.
»  4-Zone vacuum table with reversible blower for ease of loading/unloading.
»  Unique media alignment bar allowing a fast and easy media loading.
»  UPS inside lasting more then 4 days when the power is off.

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The most rigid 3.2M Eco-solvent

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The most rigid 3.2M Eco-solvent

Company Profile

Adcom Signage Equipments Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2010 for co-operative dealing in Pre-Press and Post-Press Signage Equipments(Pre-Press and Post-Press)/IT Business / And all others Machinieries with technonologes. Our professionally developed team operates from more than 10 states and we headquarter in New Delhi. We handle leading brands of the time. So it wouldn’t be out of place to say that we are Signage specialist possessed with all the requirements which the solvent printing trade demand.

ADCOM SIGNAGE has manufactured,assembled,import,export and trade right of the leading products in major states or provinces and cities to all over India and exported to SAARC and abroad, these products model are: